Are you ready to find out the secret to fundraising?

It’s not about the money!  It’s the attitude and intention you have for the use of the money.  The Universe works in an interesting way, it flows.  This means that if you do not have a clear intention of what you want to use raised funds for, than those funds have no where to flow through you, so they end up flowing elsewhere.

The secret to fundraising is to first get VERY specific about what you are raising funds for.  Then from there, you can use a variety of methods to collect it.

We are very fortunate at Bali Angels to have a space we can offer up for fundraising events.  The beautiful Villa Gaia, is a great location to gather people together for your cause, your workshop, or whatever group fundraising activity you would like to host.  Contact us to discuss possible use of the space for your organization.

Villa Gaia is also rented out as a retreat space, luxury villa, or for workshops.  You can find out more by visiting the main site at –  Villa Gaia Bali.

Bali Angels is currently researching more  sustainable funding sources, keep in the loop as we roll out new creative solutions and share informative links by joining our network

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