The Bali Angels Vision: A Call to Action
The current world crisis is viewed by Bali Angels founder, Glenn Adams, as a rallying cry for humanity to urgently move into a new paradigm of thought and living practices, whereby the idea of community engagement becomes a central tenet of personal growth and wider consciousness building. To that end, Bali Angels is designed to serve as an innovative and cutting edge tool for community action, education, and cooperation.

Adams believes that each individual who makes conscious choices about self and society can awaken to their life’s purpose and connect more meaningfully and harmoniously with the environment and others. This same principal applies to organizations, businesses, and other collectives that wish to create more constructive conditions for harmonious living, or as Adams would say, “Creating heaven on earth.”

A Balinese Model for the World
One of the cornerstones of Bali Angels is the vision of building a better and more connected community in Bali, which has been described as its own heaven-on-earth by many of the island’s visitors and residents alike.

The Bali model is considered an inspiration for Adams. “I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Bali has created model conditions based on the mindset of its people. They have found a way to live in natural harmony with their island and each other, and they set a good example for the rest of us,” says Adams. “It is this integrative mindset that convinces me that we can create a more peaceful, conscientious, healthy and balanced way of life for our own communities. And it starts here in Bali.”

Practical Enterprise Or Utopia?
The concept of creating a network of Angels and an institutional framework to support it comes from a desire to reprogram our conventional way of dealing with community problems, and uniting as a community. The notion is that no matter how serious or potentially harmful a challenge a constituency faces, the challenge can be reframed as a call to service, a need for greater awareness, or a catalyst for closer cooperation with the larger community.

Bali Angels does not consider the concept of “creating heaven on earth” as a far-reaching cry for an unrealistic utopia. It is a fact that there are and there will always be earthly struggles and challenges before the human race. The earth is undergoing strain and humanity is faced with personal and societal tussles on a daily basis. Bali Angels does, however, believe that those very struggles can create heroes, and that the intention, attitude, and beliefs brought to address those struggles are key factors in how they will play out.

We are in an evolutionary stage where survival is at stake. Evolution of consciousness and release from the old ways of doing things are essential.  The human family can work together more constructively when it functions as a collective. This is why I created Bali Angels.”
–Glenn Adams

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