How does climate change appear in your daily life? Have you noticed changes in your environment, and how have you adapted to them? Does the climate change discussion inspire you to act? Or do you think the climate change discussion is just mumbo-jumbo? Share your thoughts and your vision with Bali ClimateStories!

ClimateStories are short films that express personal views and opinions about climate change. These film creations will be told and made by local people from everyday Balinese neighborhoods. The stories will be made available for international viewing through YouTube and Facebook, and are also published here on the project’s principal sponsor, Bali Angels, website.

Making a story

To make a Climate Story, you don’t need any previous video or filmmaking experience: all you need is an opinion or a personal story to share about the climate change dilemma.
The stories can be made in a number of creative ways: as a video portrait, a photo collage, a comic strip, or a musical, theatrical, or poetic performance recorded on video. ClimateStories can be created either individually at home, or in workshops tailored to different target groups from school children to the elderly or from laborers to art students.

Who are we?

The ClimateStories initiative ( originated from a group of volunteers wanting to combine environmentalism, participatory video and empowerment. In Finland, the project has been collaborating with Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts and environmental youth groups. In Thailand, the partners have been Chulalongkorn University, EU Green Days and the Finnish Embassy.

As chief sponsor of Bali ClimateStories, Bali Angels, an innovative community organization, is primarily looking to work with local schools to identify the most important untold ClimateStories on one of the world’s most important eco-friendly travel destinations.

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