December 2010:

The official launch of the Wholistic Business BALI Networking evening at Villa Gaia, Friday 3rd of December 2010 & WBN Business Networking Night, Thursday 13th of January 2011

“Synergy into Action – Networking people, ideas & projects worth sharing.”

Many people know that Bali is known to be a place where great spirits meet…and when they meet nothing seems to happen by chance and you experience the magic of being at the right place, the right time with the right people.

This was the opening scenario for the launch of the Wholistic Business Network Bali: a community building event to facilitate Synergy into action.

Talking about Synergy into action: Many ‘switched on’ people came together and helped to make the event a great success.  I guess what brought people together was the realization that the time has come to support a network whose aim it is to network people, ideas & projects worth sharing. Sharing of models in guidance, training, culture and support.

The inaugural WBN Bali Business Networking event served as a  fundraiser for those effected by the Mt. Merapi volcanic eruptions and was launched at Villa Gaia.

Villa Gaia simply is outstanding as a location with it’s wide open spaces, the commanding views over the rice fields and jungle, the turquoise colored pool and the spacious Lounge area, perfect for an intimate networking night.

You feel the pulse of Gaia as soon as you step into the property. Glenn Adams, the owner did an exceptional job of creating an enchanting and uplifting sanctuary. From the rich fragrance of lovingly tendered flowers, to the stunning view over the paddy and into the valley beyond, it became patently obvious, that this is a quality home and retreat center,  a master piece of Love, with love.
People come here from all over the world to experience the magic, to celebrate but also to create, rejuvenate and to be inspired; a place that is guaranteed to delight mind, body & spirit.

So this was the setting for our WBN BALI opening event. A gathering of an eclectic group of great people, who brought their wealth of talent and energy together…

An international community of global educators, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, change agents, networkers, film makers, artists, fair traders, sustainable leaders, social justice groups, indie bookshops & cafes, yoga lovers, dharma teachers, solution journalists, film makers, cultural creatives, social engineers, organic/eco businesses, philanthropists, scientists, holistic practitioners, corporate catalysts, trainers, indigenous elders, green & switched on media, visionary authors, mediators to name but a few…you get the idea.

Sandhi Spiers, the founding director of the WBN  kicked off the meeting with an introduction and defined the purpose of the WBN, some stories about previous events, followed by an exercise to break the ice and bringing the community closer together…people  loved it.

The evening’s event served as a fund-raiser for those affected by the volcanic eruptions under the umbrella of the fine work of IDEP. (The inaugural WBN launch  raised Rp 2,380.000.- on the night…)
The photos of the disruption and devastation of the recently erupted Mt Merapi were moving, as people witnessed the struggle of villagers coping with thick layers of dust and displacement. Help People Help Themselves. , ,

Zanzan spoke from his heart on the extraordinary work he is leading in transforming his village from a chemical-based agrarian society, to one of being organic and chemical free. With many awards under his belt, his work serves a wonderful model of sustainability. He represents a new breed of Balinese leadership in the years to come …dynamic, charismatic and highly motivated to make a difference on the planet.

The food was exceptional plentiful and delicious, being vegetarian, organic, made and served with loads of love and my gratitude goes out to all those who grew it, transported it, prepared it and delivered it to the  door from the many sponsors.

Rick Pursell , another driving force in the vivid social scene in Ubud, presented the ‘Cause No Harm’ process that he developed and is now rolling out globally. For more information please log onto &

The evening was topped off with the drawing of door prizes and what a rich array of generosity, services and products formed the prizes. Everyone got a prize, would you believe it!!

Once again I couldn’t help but notice how many people were still engaged in meaningful conversation, obviously reluctant to leave this beautiful space and the vibrant energy we had created within it.

The following WBN Business Networking event at Villa Gaia on the 13th of January 2011 proved to be a fingerlickin good event.  Health was big on the menu…after all… “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

Amy Rachel, master chef, naturopath and nutrition specialist  from New York who had just finished training a class of new raw food chefs  presented a delicious menu which was served in a delightful atmosphere:

·   Velvet Cream Coconut Soup

·   Wild Superfood Salad served with a lemon sesame dressing

·   Portobella & Vegetable Satay with a sweet and mildly spicy peanut sauce

·   Ganache Marzipan with a vanilla cream topping and chocolate

cookie garnish

The fine samples of handmade chocolate deserts which the students prepared where another  hit during the night

Daniel Aaron and Amy spoke about healthy ways of cooking, eating and practicing techniques that keep people healthy when faced with challenging situations.

Once again the evening ended with a highly enjoyable social celebration, meeting old friends

and making new ones, mixed with inspired business networking and creating quality personal & professional connections.

Last not least: Now more than ever before it is important being at the right place, at the right time and meeting the right people…the time has come to see(d) a new dream.
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November 2010:

Bali Angels Film Event Supports UWRF Volunteers and Author Thomas Keneally

Bali Angels Film Event Supports UWRF Volunteers and Author Thomas Keneally

As a part of the Ubud Writers and Reader Festival (UWRF), 6th – 10th October 2010, Bali Angels headquarters and event facility, Villa Gaia participated as an official event sponsor. On the evening of Saturday October 9th, Villa Gaia hosted a film night and dinner to support Festival volunteers, screening the movie ‘Schindler’s List’.  This coincided with the guest appearance at the UWRF of renowned Australian author and script write Thomas Keneally, who was invited to provide a special taped introduction to the film by Bali Angels founder, Glenn Adams.

The film screening was attended by more than 25 UWRF volunteers and film enthusiasts, who were also introduced to Bali Angels’ new volunteer resource service goals and invited to join and support the organization.  Some Bali Angels staff members had already provided assistance and hours of service to the 2010 UWRF volunteer corps.

Keneally, who did not attend due to a scheduling conflict, is best known for writing the Booker Prize winning novel ‘Schindler’s Ark’ (1982), inspired by the efforts of Holocaust survivor, Poldek Pfefferberg.  In 1980 Pfefferberg met Keneally and learning he was a writer, showed him extensive files on Oskar Schindler.  Pfefferberg became an advisor for the book, accompanying Keneally to Poland where they visited the sites associated with the Schindler story.  The book was later made into the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ (1993) directed by Steven Spielberg, earning the director his first Best Film Director Oscar Award.

Prior to the screening of ‘Schindler’s List’, guests enjoyed a buffet vegetarian dinner and were treated to the exclusive 20 minute interview with Keneally, taped on the previous afternoon.  He was captured on tape by Adams and media organization ‘Jungle Run’s’ producer, Shinta Okta.

In the interview, Keneally enthusiastically recounted tales from the researching of the book and also some his observations from behind the set during the shooting of Steven Spielberg’s film.

“Young Steven did an honest job!” Keneally confessed, of the multi award winning Hollywood film director. “However there was so much, which due to time constraints had to be left out of the film. What attracted me to Oskar Schindler was the fact that you couldn’t say where opportunism ended and altruism began.  I like the subversive fact that the spirit breatheth where it will. That is, that good will emerges from the most unlikely place,” stated Keneally.

The writer of over 15 non fiction and 30 novels, Keneally has written scripts for plays as well as movies and has acted in a handful of films.  His outspoken advocacy for the Australian Republic Movement, meaning the severing of all ties with the British Monarchy, and his commitment to unearthing ‘gritty real life’ stories has earned him iconic status in Australia. Keneally, born in Sydney, October 7th 1935, was awarded the Order of Australia (OA) in 1993 from the Australian Governor General.

For more information on Thomas Keneally, visit Wikipedia at:

October 2010:

Bali Angels Launches New Website and Inaugural Newsletter

Bali Angels Co-Sponsors Citibank Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Bali Angels to Appear in “Bali is My Life” Documentary

Bali Angels Launches New Website and Inaugural Newsletter

After an eventful summer of intensive brainstorming, many hours of organizational planning, and a series of proactive community meetings, Bali Angels has emerged with a new-look central website portal, a more focused mission, new friends, and a fresh information resource- Voice of Angels–The Official Bali Angels E-Newsletter.

The ramp-up over the last three months has helped the Bali Angels leadership team create a stronger foundation and develop a clearer definition of objectives and services to benefit our supporters and the wider community. According to Glenn Adams, founder of Bali Angels, “We’ve always aimed to build a network of  community groups and connect them to service-oriented volunteers. Now we have a solid way forward to achieve that goal.”

The new website and newsletter have a two-fold mission to:

–  provide news and resources for conscious people in Bali who want to offer their talents and skills to the community,


–  provide support for Bali community groups who need staff, ways to improve outreach, and fundraising tools.

Through the summer months, Bali Angels staff and volunteers also worked actively to build new friendships and strengthen existing partnerships with key individuals and organizations. The process of information collection helped Bali Angels prioritize, self-assess, and develop a more substantive focus– all based on the needs and feedback of the community and in-house expertise.

“The purpose and spirit of Bali Angels remains more relevant than ever,” says Adams, “With our new resources, the message is tighter and the potential for making an impact is stronger.”

To visit the new website, go here.

To make sure you’re connected to your community, become a Bali Angels member and join the Bali Angels email list. It’s free! – Join Our Network

Bali Angels Co-Sponsors Citibank Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Bali Angels is a proud cosponsor of the 2010 Citibank Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF)— We will be offering living space to three special guests of the Writers Festival at our headquarters at Villa Gaia, Ubud. Bali Angels will also be hosting a film screening in collaboration with UWRF on October 9th, 2010, 5:30 p.m., and will provide a buffet dinner for guests who RSVP.

The 2010 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival theme is “Bhinneka Tunngal Ika: Harmony in Diversity”, the Indonesian national motto advocating respect for religious, ethnic and social differences. The Festival lasts from October 6th – 10th, and boasts “the best and brightest global writers.”

Now enjoying its seventh year in operation, UWRF has developed into an international sensation among literary events. It was named “one of the six best literary festivals in the world” by Harpers Bazaar UK.

To view a list of writers, a schedule of events or other information on the UWRF, visit: .  For more information on the film screening event Bali Angels is cosponsoring in collaboration with the Festival or to reserve a space, visit Bali Angels’ Upcoming Events page.

Bali Angels to Appear in “Bali is My Life” Documentary

This visual journey into the diverse Balinese way of life includes a number of vignettes and interviews and is filmed by acclaimed director, Kim Kindersley. The film is reported to contain footage that shows Bali Angels volunteers at work, and excerpts from an interview with Bali Angels’ founder, Glenn Adams.

Giving an exclusive talk to the Bali Angels volunteer leadership team, Kim presented some heartwarming clips from his upcoming documentary, which were received with great enthusiasm, and received feedback.

Kindersley believes his film project pays creative visual homage to Balinese culture and way of life while tastefully promoting elements of Bali’s tourist industry: the principal source of income for the island.

Exploring the many dimensions of Bali’s beauty, while telling the unique stories of resilient and passionate locals, some living in extreme conditions, Kim says that his product will remind his audiences “that people are kind, generous, and loving no matter what their way of life.”

To further support Bali Angels, Kim noted his intention to take unused footage and potentially shoot new footage, after the film’s release, to develop a DVD featurette with a more detailed exposé of Bali Angels’ work and services.

Kim offered to team up with Bali Angels, an organization he supports, and put on a special pre-screening of certain Bali is My Life clips for a potential November fundraiser at Villa Gaia. He also offered to help promote and support Bali Angels’ volunteer resource network activities in other ways after the film’s release.

For more information on Kim Kindersley and Bali is My Life, visit:

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