Bali Angels considers service to be a process that involves self-care and support as well as care for the community. The Speakers Series is Bali Angels’ way of sharing the message and wisdom of holistic living experts and practitioners, many of whom live locally. The goal of this service is to enhance the quality of life and awaken volunteers and supporters to their potential through personal reflection and empowerment. The following articles provide a write-up of special events Bali Angels cosponsored over the summer.

Mayan Calendar Specialist Recasts Concept Of Time

At a Villa Gaia workshop on October 9th, Vasumi Tjikaa Telos introduced guests to their Mayan astrology symbols and shared details about a system of timekeeping that is synchronized with harmonious natural rhythms and based on the Mayan calendar. Sharing her reflections on what is known as the Mayan Dreamspell, Vasumi encouraged attendees to be more receptive to a dynamic form of living that is aligned with biological, spiritual, emotional, and mental patterns, rather than linear time.

A Mayan calendar adept of 14 years, Vasumi feels compelled to conduct workshops partly to share her revelations about the limitations of traditional concepts of linear time that have come to dominate the lives of people from the Western world.

Her research and training suggest that time is best experienced as a subjective relationship between the seasons and the mind and body. By following a modern-day fixed calendar of what she calls ‘disharmonic time’, Vasumi believes people are stifling themselves and becoming removed from the living composite of multiple energies that govern the Mayan calendar.(click here to read full article)

Qi-Gong Master, Daniel Li Ox, Offers Techniques for Self-Healing and Discipline to Bali Angels

BALI, INDONESIA : September 27th, 2010. “In Chinese Medicine, you are not sick because you are doing something wrong, you are sick because you are doing something too much, “according to Qi-Gong Master, Daniel Li Ox. Master Daniel, a Bali Angels supporter, recently taught an intensive workshop on “Developing Your Full Human Potential,” as a practical and theoretical intro to the essentials of Qi-Gong. Presenting energy balance as a path to optimal healing, Li Ox underscored the importance of personal awareness, commitment to change, and total acceptance at his workshop.

The comprehensive workshop, which was made available as a special service to certain Bali Angels volunteers, covered basic Chinese Medicine principals, Daoist philosophy, sound healing mantras, mind calming meditations and physical exercise. (click here to read full article)

Spiritual Guide, Patricia Miklautsch, Offers Bali Angels a Forty Journey Path to Self Discovery

BALI, INDONESIA: September 20th, 2010. Through guided visualization, exploration of the four elements and original techniques that attune a person to their creativity, Patricia Miklautsch led Bali Angels volunteers and guests on a path of self-discovery and self-realization. The Inner Voice workshop, which Miklautsch designed and developed several years ago, brought each participant to a new understanding of their innate powers of divinity and manifestation, with minimal instructional invasiveness. (click here to read full article)

World Renowned Astrologer Talks Personal Empowerment and the Aquarian Age

BALI, INDONESIA August 1, 2010. Veteran Astrologer and world traveler, Paul Six, offered insightful impressions about the earth in transition, the soul’s journey and keys to personal empowerment, for Bali Angels and Villa Gaia guests on July 26.

Interspersing his more global reflections with intimate personal readings to audience members, Paul urged attendees to not be too concerned about the world’s transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, which many believe is already underway and will reach a tipping point in 2012. (click here to read full article)

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