By Shervin Boloorian In March, veteran raw food nutritionist, author, and herbalist, David Wolfe, capped his second stay at Villa Gaia with a presentation to guests to support Bali Angels.  Wolfe discussed health food fundamentals as well as current challenges and opportunities for the evolving health food community. The private event, which also included a raw-food pot luck dinner, was attended by local restaurant owners, chefs and enthusiasts as well as well known community  [ Read More ]

By Shervin Boloorian After headlining as a top presenter at this year’s BaliSpirit Festival, Ashtanga Yoga master, philosopher, shamanic practitioner, and musician, Danny Paradise, led a successful 5-day yoga retreat at Villa Gaia. At the conclusion of the retreat, which involved daily pranayama and yoga instruction, healthy vegetarian meals, visits to sacred Balinese sites and more, Paradise was joined by fellow musicians to perform at a special Bali Angels charity concert. “Yoga is  [ Read More ]

Margot Anand Shares Her New Insights With Bali Angels

Posted by BaliAngels on June - 1 - 2011

By Shervin Boloorian In February and March international author and master Tantra instructor, Margot Anand, delivered a series of four free/by donation talks at Villa Gaia to support the Bali Angels charity organization. At these marquis events, which also included raw food pot luck dinners and community networking, Margot discussed her new life in Bali and her latest inspirations. She also went into aspects of the trainings and techniques that  [ Read More ]

Satori’s First Retreat

Posted by BaliAngels on February - 9 - 2011

How the Bali Angels saved the day. Sometimes your little world comes crumbling down only to come back together in a remarkably short time, and you are left breathless at the marvel of how fortunate you are. This is what happened to Satori Worldwide was about to cancel its inaugural retreat, and the Bali Angels swooped in to make it happen anyway. is a social enterprise that shares creative  [ Read More ]


Posted by BaliAngels on January - 31 - 2011

Earth Tones Bali is a Project created to enhance a greater awareness in the necessity for protecting our natural environment in Bali, caring for the soil organically and keeping Bali Green. In so doing we are also enhancing the wellbeing of the villagers engaged in the Earth Tones Project. Earth Tones Bali is a Project established to implement a network of sustainable textile collectives in the rural village communities. With  [ Read More ]

Mayan Calendar Specialist Recasts Concept Of Time

Posted by BaliAngels on November - 9 - 2010

At a Villa Gaia workshop on October 9th, Vasumi Tjikaa Telos introduced guests to their Mayan astrology symbols and shared details about a system of timekeeping that is synchronized with harmonious natural rhythms and based on the Mayan calendar. Sharing her reflections on what is known as the Mayan Dreamspell, Vasumi encouraged attendees to be more receptive to a dynamic form of living that is aligned with biological, spiritual, emotional,  [ Read More ]

Festival Panel Debates Pros and Cons of Bali’s Tourist Industry

Posted by BaliAngels on November - 8 - 2010

BALI, INDONESIA October 9th, 2010– A Writers Festival panel discussion on the impacts of tourism stimulated a lively debate about ways in which non-Balinese can help to reverse the island’s current challenges, some of which could threaten the Balinese way of life. The panel discussion, which involved writers from different generations and social backgrounds, resembled more of a community town hall exchange than a typical writer’s talk, with the moderator  [ Read More ]

Green School Kids Team Up With Bali Angels To Explore Climate Change

Posted by BaliAngels on November - 8 - 2010

“What is the first thing you think of when you think of Climate Change?” This is the question Bali Angels staff asked Bali Green School youngsters on camera as part of a joint environmental education project ‘by children’ – ‘to children.’ Launching the first ever Bali Climate Stories Workshop on October 19th, Bali Angels volunteers gave Green School kids as young as 6 years old a taste of how to  [ Read More ]


Posted by BaliAngels on October - 11 - 2010

Earlier in the summer, Bali Angels donated 200 of its specially designed Animal Writes pencils as well as a number of specialty boxes to Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS)  to support their most recent fundraising drive. The fundraiser, held at Taksu spa in Ubud, involved a discussion about the work of SOS in protecting the endangered Sumatran orangutan, one of Indonesia’s rare and natural treasures. The organizers screened a short film, held a raffle, and  [ Read More ]

Bali Angels Supports Bali’s Disabled Community

Posted by BaliAngels on October - 11 - 2010

Since its founding, Bali Angels has developed a strong partnership with Yayasan Senang Hati, Bali’s principal non-profit service to the X This  local disabled community.  Regular support for Senang Hati comes in the form of Bali Angels’ sponsorship of free luncheons and swimming lessons at the Villa Gaia pool for members. In the organization’s own words, Senang Hati’s vision is “of a society that welcomes and values the equal participation of people with  [ Read More ]

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