Through guided visualization, exploration of the four elements and original techniques that attune a person to their creativity, Patricia Miklautsch led Bali Angels volunteers and guests on a path of self-discovery and self-realization. The Inner Voice workshop, which Miklautsch designed and developed several years ago, brought each participant to a new understanding of their innate powers of divinity and manifestation, with minimal instructional invasiveness.

Offering the sold-out workshop as a free service to members of the Bali Angels team, Miklautsch’s Inner Voice experience involved three-days of intensive personal work spread out over 40 compelling journeys. Participants were encouraged to experience each guided journey in their own way, and were invited to draw upon their individual links to divine source and their own inner language of symbols.

Miklautsch developed her sequence of journeys over three years. She describes the at-times demanding experience as “not for the faint of heart.”

“The journeys were initially developed as a long-term self-guided experience,” says Miklautsch, “Later they were shortened to fit into a weekend intensive, yet the benefits remained the same.”

As the workshop progresses, participants find themselves challenging assumptions, examining their lifestyle choices, moving past old boundaries and slipping in and out of a different state of consciousness.

The spiritual journeys themselves touch on universal themes and intimate expressions, although they are primarily based on Kabalistic teachings, and draw from Egyptian, Native American and Christian mysticism.

Each journey involves one of the four elements and represents a different step along the Kabalistic Tree of Life. A journey may involve the use of certain tools and physical gestures, which in-turn have some association with the manifestation process or the qualities of Spirit, mind, emotion, and physicality.

To initiate each series of journeys, Miklautsch recites the Beauty Prayer and the Universe Prayer– two invocations of love and gratitude which she specifically developed to support and ground the journeyer as challenges and deep reflections inevitably arise.

A resident of Ubud, Bali. Patricia Miklautsch is a conflict resolution and peace expert. She taught the Inner Voice course over 10 years in northern California and Singapore. Having studied the powerful effects of Kabala, she was fortunate to have had a Rabbi as a consultant, who also taught Kabalistic and esoteric understanding.

Bali Angels is an innovative community organization which provides “Creative Solutions for a Conscious Community.” We connect you to Bali charities, artists, volunteer opportunities and eco-friendly business concepts.  The Inner Voice Journey experience was presented as part of Bali Angels’ ongoing “Consciousness Raisers” speaker series. For more information about Bali Angels, visit us at

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