We’ve listened to community leaders and volunteers like you, and we continue to get the same message from everyone – that a centralized hub for volunteers is urgently needed!

So, we decided to answer the call. Bali Angels is a community focused volunteer resource network. We’ve created a hub for volunteers and volunteer run organizations to interact, connect, and make the best use of resources.

The Bali Angels philosophy is guided by principals of service, awakening, civic engagement, action, mobilization, and co-creativity. It is our goal to develop sensible and proactive solutions to common problems and build a vibrant social network of community-minded and heart-centered friends and partners from different walks of life. We invite you to be part of this positive network for change.

If you are ready to be the support and find the support needed to really bring forward your vision for the community, then we are here to assist you.

You can start by  Joining Our Network and getting yourself immediately involved.

Looking forward to working with you,

Glenn Adams

Bali Angels Founder

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